Wake Up Orange Sun Rays Illustration T-Shirt

Bright orange sun peeking over the mountains. Remixed from a WWI poster promoting the purchase of liberty bonds.

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Pink Love 60’s Hippie Design T-Shirt

A funky pink love design. Looks straight out of the 60’s and ready to be worn by any want to be hippie.

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Give Love Black and White Paint Brush Style Design T-Shirt

Give Love in big bold paintbrush font. You have to give love to everyone around you. Make the world a better place. Don’t hate.

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Los Angeles Vintage Travel Poster T-shirt

Los Angeles – City of Angels – Created this design from a vintage travel poster. You can buy the t-shirt in my shop on etsy – LA Los Angeles Movie Spotlight Palm Tree Design Short-sleeve | Etsy

This is an exclusive shirt and can only be found in limited quantities on Etsy.

A little vintage blurb about Los Angeles from 1941

Los Angeles has the characteristic of every modern American metropolis: public and private libraries, museums, and art galleries; colleges, universities, and technical schools, some of them with high reputations. The popular concerts, the numerous book stores, and art shops, the writers’ and artists’ clubs, and the little theatres attest to the presence of cultural awareness. Cultural Los Angeles, however, is not so much the outgrowth of native movements and traditions as it is the product of a recent influx of talent of all kinds, attracted chiefly by motion pictures.

The work produced by the hundreds of writers, musicians, and other artists who have come to Hollywood does not reflect the native scene. Los Angeles, as a locale, has inspired few outstanding works of literature or art; nor has the city developed a creative school of thought outside the motion-picture industry. It is possible, however, that in time a distinctive native philosophy and cultural cohesiveness may develop among the great numbers of gifted persons gathered together in this area. If such a development occurs, Los Angeles may well become one of the world’s most influential centers of culture.

Los Angeles Vintage Travel Guide Picture

Los Angeles is in a region where rugged mountains, cleft by deep gorges, tower in peaks 10,000 feet above sea level; a region of forests and wide deserts, rolling foothills, fertile valleys, and seasonal rivers that sweep to the sea; a region with craggy shores, strands, capes, bays, and verdant islands washed by the Pacific Ocean. So diversified is the terrain that motion-picture studios film stories laid in African deserts, Alpine peaks, the South Seas, and a dozen other “foreign” places, without going more than 100 miles from Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County, measuring approximately 75 miles from north to south and 70 miles from east to west, covers 4,083 square miles, about half of it mountainous. Roughly, the northern part of the county is made up of desert and mountains, and the smaller southern part lies on a broad plain that slopes gently from the mountains to the Pacific. Most of the 451 square miles of the city of Los Angeles is spread over the plain, the city’s downtown district lying midway between the mountains and the sea. Ranges north of the city separate the urban area from the Mojave Desert.

Los Angeles Vintage Travel Guide Picture

In the San Gabriel Mountains, rising from the coastal plain, and less than 40 miles from the sea, are nine peaks more than 8,000 feet in height. Loftiest of these is Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy) 10,080 feet, and Mount Baden-Powell, 9,389, whose crests are some- times snowcapped. To the north, nearer Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains rise more than 7,000 feet and are gashed by numerous canyons down which streams tumble seaward during the spring. West and northwest of Los Angeles are two smaller ranges, the Santa Monica and the Santa Susana Mountains.

The Santa Susana, the more northern of the two, reaches a maximum elevation of 3,956 feet and with the San Gabriel Mountains, forms the northern boundary of the San Fernando Valley. In this wide, fertile valley, approximately twenty-two miles long, are three towns, several smaller communities, and a part of Los Angeles. The Santa Monica Mountains form the southern boundary of San Fernando Valley, while still farther west, their embayed southern slopes mark the north shoreline of Santa Monica Bay. Their highest point is Sandstone Peak, 3,059 feet high.

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Smile Vintage Comic Cartoon Face with Curly Hair T-Shirt

Vintage comic smiling face with the word smile written on a curve beneath the picture.

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Comic Book Helmet Guy – Cartoon Face and Helmet T-Shirt

A vintage comic of a goggle and helmet wearing guy. The image itself is heavily pixilated and changed from its original form. The original comic is in color and I have changed it to black and white.

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The Cough – Black and White Face with Wavy Hair and a Crazy Expression T-Shirt

How do you even describe this?? It’s from a 1920’s illustration. I’m going with he’s coughing, but I would say he could be sneezing too. Just different. Be original and own something few others are wearing.

On etsy – The Cough Black and White Face With Wavy Hair and a Crazy | Etsy

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Vintage Silhouette Cartoon Monkey with the Neon Face T-Shirt

Old cartoon image of a sideways monkey. He’s got a green face with green ears. Simple set on a white background.

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Six Fingers of Fun – 6 Finger Hand – Black and White Handprint

Six is better than 5. I would bet you can do amazing things when you have one more digit.

on etsy – Six Fingers of Fun 6 Finger Hand Black and White Handprint | Etsy

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In the Limelight – Vintage Man in Light Poster Design T-shirt

A dark work based on a movie poster. Features a man in the spotlight. Various shadows accentuate the figure in the light

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mean bunny t-shirt

The mean bunny design is derived from a print done by Julie de Graag in 1917. Miss de Graag was born in Holland in 1870. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 1890. She continued her studies with J.J. Aarts and H.P. Bremmer. Julie would later become the protege of H.P. Bremmer. She began her more stylized style after moving to North Holland and being influenced by Joseph Mendes da Costa and Bart van der Leck.

In 1908 her home burned down and most of her work was lost. She struggled with deteriorating physical and mental health issues through her 20s. Her work became more and more morbid. She committed suicide in 1924.

I was drawn to her work because the pieces are very simple. Many times with only one or two colors. There is a significant portion of her work that is just black and white. Some of the work is one color and another color that is a shade or two off from the first.

Most of the designs that I’ll use on my t-shirts are minimal in the use of colors. Too many colors can take away from what is being told. The t-shirt needs to speak to a person and tell their story not mine. I’m not the one wearing it, you are.

I will probably use the mean bunny design in other ways in the future.

Her work can be found in the Centraal Museum Utrecht,the Kröller-Müller Museum,the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen,the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Teylers Museum and the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

The shirt in the picture can be purchased at my Etsy Store Mean Bunny Rabbit Black and White Vintage Design | Etsy

I have the design also up at Redbubble

If you like these types of designs, let me know in the comments below. You can also reach me on Twitter and Instagram. Links to those are in the top right of the page.

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